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Save The Date VR ?

What is a 360 Wedding Video?


Well, first let us ask a you a more important question…


What really happened on your wedding day?

Yes, you married your best friend. True, Dad cried at the Father/Daughter dance (he never cries).

Sure “someone” got way too drunk and um, let’s try to forget that part…

But what else happened? What did you miss? Is there anything you would love to see again?

Understood, if you haven’t got married yet, then you wouldn’t know the answer to these questions. 

But why ask them at all when you could just see for yourself? 

Save The Date VR uses immersive 360 video technology so that

you can re-live the magic that happened on your big day,

from the ceremony to the reactions of your wedding guests.

With a full 360-degree view of your wedding, you won’t miss a thing.

It’s not just a 360-wedding video, it’s reliving the magic.

The Process

How it works

Because, it’s your big day, not ours.

Above all, Your wedding day is ALL ABOUT YOU (or at least it should be). With this in mind, our trained team of VR videographers make every effort to stay invisible. We also understand how important your wedding photos are, so we work directly with your photographer. Therefore, we both get the best angles without getting in the way of you or your guests.

Immersive, but not invasive.

Our setup is minimal, using only one high-quality VR camera that we place before your ceremony starts. Once your ceremony is finished (or the location changes) we grab our camera and take the footage to be stitched and prepared. Then, before you know it, you are enjoying your own 360 wedding video, that will last a lifetime.

Who we are

Why Choose us?

Emmy-Winning Team


Our President Lien Driscoll is an Emmy-Award Winner. But seriously, she is!
Red Carpet Service

10,000 People in VR

And Counting…

As a team, we have introduced VR to over 10k people! Also, we've worked with some of the biggest companies in the world!
It's Your Turn!

All Inclusive Packages

Let us plan YOUR BIG DAY!

Basically, we have partnered with some of the Best Wedding Planners, Venues and Vendors to keep the stress away from your dress.
It's Happening...

The Proof

Odette & Andrew 8k

Odette and Andrew Make it official!

Check out their 360 Wedding Video.

Karen and Cainan 8k

Karen and Cainan make their day last forever!

A 360 Wedding Video worth Dancing to.

Gold Package


1 Magic Moment

Rose Gold Package


2 Magic Moments

“We’ve never experienced ANYTHING like this!”

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Andrew & Odette

“Tears of happiness…There’s no experience like this!”

Logo for Save the date VR wedding Video
Karen & Cainan

“We literally cried!

Thank you so much!”

Logo for Save the date VR wedding Video
Makai & Tina

Because, You Deserve it!

Image of Save the Date VR Wedding video Packages

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360 Wedding Video


Because, you can’t spell LoVeR without VR!

Receive 10% off of our Gold and Rose Gold Packages when you book by February 14th, 2024.

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Wait I thought you said VR, now you're saying 360 wedding video?

VR (Virtual Reality) is the umbrella term for 360 content, but all of it involves seeing an environment in 360. Basically, VR is just a more sophisticated version.

Doesn't VR (360 Video) make you sick?

Only bad VR makes you sick, but a good VR experience (like what we produce) shold be just that, a good experience. 

Does the camera equipment take a lot of space?

Nope not at all, because it’s a single mounted camera on a tripod that can be placed neatly anywhere.

How do we plan for 360 Wedding Video filming?

We will meet with youbeforehand to talk about Magic Moments you would like to capture. But our team will be working diligently to plan out your video up until your big day. 

What moments should be captured?

The most common Magic Moments are:  The procession of the bride and bridesmaids , exchange of vows or ceremony, first dance, Father/daughter, cake cutting and bouquet toss. However, it really depends on what you want to cherish forever. 

How long does my 360 wedding video take to edit?

We will have your 360 experience edited, packed and (for the premium packages, customized cardboard headsets) all in about a month.

Cardboard Headsets? What do I do with those?

There is a very easy tutorial we have on YouTube on how to fold the headsets (like origami).  For example, you could use any smart phone and place it in the cardboard headset to view your footage in 360.  However, you may also view the 360 experience straight from your wedding YouTube video.  Finally, holding the phone and moving it all around isn’t the same as the immersive experience of putting on the headset. 

How do I share this with family and friends?

You receive a personal, sharable link to your footage. Also, we will be sending you 2 free cardboard headsets as part of your package.

 *There is an extra cost for personalized customizable cardboard headsets. But, we do offer some packages that have headsets in them. 

Can I send this out as a “Thank You” card?

Absolutely! It’s a very unique way to recap the beautiful day with family and friends.  Moreover, you could even send to guests that were not able to make it to witness your big day in person!

I’m having a destination wedding, do you travel?

Yes we do! However, one camera technician and one data technician must be present to ensure things run smoothly.  So you would have to cover flights for two people.  But, we will take care of our own hotel accommodations to help with the cost.  🙂

How long are these Magic Moments?

Typically, each moment is recorded up to about 10 mins.  But, we will edit the best part and only include those moments.  This could mean out of

10 minutes, only 1-2 minutes will be part of your 360 video. In other words, the total length of your video depends on which package, but it will vary between 5-10 minutes long.

I can’t pay all at once, do you take payments?

Sure! We want to work with you.  We take it in 3 payments.  The deposit is due at signing, but the next payment isn’t due until the week before your wedding! Then the final payment is due upon receipt of the finished video (a few weeks to a month later)

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